People Plan to Buy, Show Them Where to Shop

People Plan to Buy

Show Them Where to Shop

Holiday Sales Are Here!

There isn’t even snow on the ground and we’re already talking about the holidays. That’s because this year is going to be a lot different than what we’ve seen before.

We are seeing new behaviours in consumers, who are spending more time and more money online. This new behaviour, coupled with the changing season is bound to inspire both accelerated holiday eCommerce sales and a boost in consumer spending.

A decorative present. This year will showcase far more eCommerce gift giving than ever before.

Is It Just Me Or Is It Getting Cold In Here?

In addition to the cold winter month ahead, there is likely to be a resurgence of Coronavirus cases, as the public begins to open themselves up to long overdue interaction with one another. When we look at what’s coming up around the corner so we can prepare ourselves, many of these consumers will find themselves staying at home, racking up facetime with technology.

This increase of time online exposes us to more ads that will end up leading to more shopping, more spending and more shipping. This is likely going to create bottlenecks in the delivery process, delaying packages and expediting communications from companies that have increased marketing budgets to try and avoid these logistical nightmares.

As a retailer, knowing that eCommerce shopping is going to be the only thing heating up between now and Christmas and knowing that we are already seeing the big players start to take their fill of the market share (Amazon’s Prime Days – October 13-14), it makes sense to follow suit and start investing in the right digital campaigns.

A man shopping on his laptop. There's an increasing demand on eCommerce sites to meet constantly-changing customer behaviour.

Use It Or Lose It

The reality is that your competition is already doing what you could be and there will only be more businesses to compete against as industries transition to accommodate their clientele. Getting back to a new normal is what is required for businesses to compete during this holiday season and it starts right now.

Some brown cardboard boxes.