All natural, fully optimized

  • Brand development
  • B2C eCommerce development
  • Product organization & categorization
  • Unique user experiences
  • CRM Implementation
  • Packaging design & production

Transforming an idea into an impressive eCommerce business

We helped Unhako turn their ambitions and passions with all-natural cosmetic products into a powerful eCommerce website. From branding to site development to packaging, Unhako now provides an incredible experience for every customer.

Memorable experiences for every visitor

Unhako’s goals revolve around a more natural, organic future for cosmetics - helping every new and returning customer learn more about the products they use. Our team worked closely with Unhako to feature a variety of useful information across each page, helping promote the spread of important information and appreciation for all-natural cosmetics.

Tons of products, easy to find what you want

With hundreds of products, we spent a significant amount of time ensuring every product was organized, tagged, and categorized so customers could find what they wanted fast & easily. Another goal of ours was to make it as easy as possible for the Unhako team to keep their vast product library manageable and updatable.

Get the perfect products for your unique needs

Through interactive forms, we created numerous areas on the site for customers to interact with questions to find the products that matched their body’s unique needs. This made it even easier for customers to know exactly what products would match their skin, hair, and complexion.

All-natural & fresh branding

From an idea to an energetic and friendly face for the company, we helped design & develop the current Unhako branding. We conducted extensive research, testing, and drafting until we finalized the welcoming Unhako brand many customers have come to love.

Big idea into a big eCommerce site

From the beginning, we were excited to help the Unhako team transform their ambitions and passions into an exceptionally powerful eCommerce business. We ensured every part of their brand, site, and packaging could be scaled and adapted to the constantly-changing industry of all-natural cosmetics.