Jemco Cargo Boxes

Preparing you for anything

  • Website Redesign
  • eCommerce Setup and Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Writing
  • Web Literacy Support
  • Store Finder

Building a tough online presence

Our team helped Jemco Cargo Boxes transform their digital presence into a powerful eCommerce experience for their customers. By significantly improving the online customer experience, we helped Jemco boost their product sales through online transactions.

It has to be bold with Jemco

A key design choice used throughout the new website design, was promoting big, bold visuals to showcase the cargo boxes. Most of their target customers need a cargo box that can withstand constant & rigorous use, and expect to see visual messaging that aligns with those qualities.

Showing off great reviews

An essential goal for Jemco involved being able to easily put up new reviews of their products. We created a simple system for them to source, format, and publish reviews directly onto the website.

Content optimization

From imagery to text, every part of the Jemco site received some level of optimization. This helped ensure the site would perform well, especially with page loading speeds and user retention.

Find a dealer, easily

We made sure to include a ‘Find a Dealer’ section of the site, to help ensure customers could find a physical location if that was preferred. This helped promote a combination of online & in-store sales, while helping improve the customer journey from visitor to loyalty.

Built to last

The Jemco Cargo Boxes website continues to perform well, which can be attributed to the proper research, design, and development work done during the project. Our collaborative approach with Jemco helped them obtain the missing digital toolbox their business needed to continue scaling online.