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Butchers & Packers

A huge catalog transformed into an updated eCommerce experience

We helped our longtime client, Butchers & Packers with upgrading their eCommerce site. The process involved revisiting past analytics, reorganizing their catalog, and building out their new, impressive online store.

Butchers & Packers

Improving the organization

Online shoppers (including our team) love the ability to quickly find what you’re looking for. For this project, we helped the B&P team reorganize their online store catalog based on their previous sites performance, creating a more effective structure for their product categories.

Butchers & Packers

Texture is key to the experience

Working with butchery equipment, the look & feel of these items is always unique and memorable. We sought to capture these little experiences throughout the site, with large categorical visuals, helping guide users visually to the product categories they were interested in.

Butchers & Packers

Built to get larger, and larger

Our team understood that B&P wanted to scale their eCommerce site overtime, inspiring our team to develop filtering & product-management frameworks to achieve these goals. This work was designed to give the B&P team the tools and knowledge needed to properly grow & maintain their online store for years to come.

Butchers & Packers
Butchers & Packers

Learning how to use that new knife

A differentiator between B&P and other stores, are the classes and courses offered to expand customer knowledge. We ensured that the existing CRM structure would continue to be as effective going forward, making it easy for their team to continually manage different customer groups.

Butchers & Packers
Butchers & Packers

A small team with a big store

Although the B&P team isn’t huge, you probably wouldn’t think that with how many products they offer through their online store. We helped continue their eCommerce ambitions, giving them the key skills & tools needed to realize these goals within their short and long-term company goals.

Butchers & Packers