Action Flooring

Becoming the #1 Flooring Retailer

  • Web Design on CMS
  • Digital Marketing, SEO & SEM, PPC
  • Leads development

Getting the #1 spot*

We helped Action flooring become one of Alberta’s leading floor retailers by position them on the top of Google searchers and creating beautiful customer experience. In addition to the front-end design, we ensured that every page was properly set up and organized to maximize SEO.

*Top organic google ranking for “Edmonton Flooring”

A seamless customer experience

The primary goal was to ensure customers could start on the site, and end with an award-winning quality floor within a short period of time. We accomplished this through extensive user experience and journey planning, ensuring customers got the information they needed regardless of how they landed on the website.

Easy to manage products

A significant advantage of using the ShoutCMS is the ability to easily manage products, allowing the Action Flooring team to offer product samples for prospective flooring customers. This made it easy for their team to highlight featured products that needed to be cleared out of their supply to make room for newer products.

Impressive lead generation

In addition to a well-planned and designed site map, simple to use and manage forms allowed customers to quickly inquire about their projects. Each response could then be immediately shared with the Action Flooring sales team, allowing them to respond within hours.

Capturing award-winning quality

We ensured that the Action Flooring team was able to highlight their projects and experience for new and returning customers. These portfolio samples were extremely valuable in showcasing the quality and expertise brought onto each project by their team.

Constantly adapting

A key advantage of our SEO and web-design approach involved creating a website that could be easily updated and managed to showcase new work and products. This constantly adapting approach ensured that the site would always be properly maintained, greatly helping with its search engine ranking.