Improving your Communications Strategy this Holiday Season

Are YOU doing what it takes to communicate with your clients?

Here are some simple tips to do it right

At this time of year, most business owners’ minds drift to which promotions they want to run during the holidays. However, the focus this holiday season needs to be directed towards your outbound communications. What are you doing to reach your customer? What are you doing to make yourself stand out and get noticed - and, even more importantly, remembered?

As the limitations around the pandemic linger around the business world, we can see how many businesses are already adapting. More online workshops, emails, posts, ads and more are flooding online platforms and channels.

Well by now, we’ve seen the ‘second wave’ start to hit. We can’t keep talking like this is just some passing phase and we certainly can’t keep acting like it. While no single strategy fits all, there are some common areas even you can get started on to improve your communications strategy as we exit 2020 and start the new year.

A business owner working at her desktop. Time’s have changed, and there’s no ignoring that. It’s time to reinvent your digital strategies.

Keep it relevant

Are your communications going to be important enough that your customer will take the time to read through everything you have to say? Will they even open the email? Do they even open emails? Get a taste of what your customer wants by doing an analysis of the top competitors in your local market. What are they doing? How does your strategy compare to theirs?

A business owner working at his laptop. If your communications aren’t relevant, then don’t expect your audiences to give it much attention.

Make it appropriate

Timing is everything. From the day and time you send out the emails and newsletters to how often you attempt to reach out to customers, there needs to be a balance that can be tracked and measured so you can use that data to continue to build on the momentum of your communications strategy.

Two people working at a laptop in an office. Your team should be able to easily maintain your communication strategies.

Always ensure it’s manageable

If the plan you have so far sounds great and knowing that if we achieve these steps in the process then we will greatly increase our chances of repeat business or increased acquisitions, now is time to consider your or your team’s ability to manage this plan and produce the assets needed for consistent delivery. Time, people, money and skill are determining factors in whether or not you can execute accordingly.

Are YOU Ready?

If the answer to any of the above was a “no”, now may be the time to reach out to a professional. See what Mediashaker can do for you today.

A happy man making a call on his phone.