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5 Key Tips to Design Better Display Ads

Display ads are everywhere, and online users are well aware of this.

Getting more clicks with your ads

Improving your ads doesn’t just help promote your business and brand, but it’s an essential effort to stay relevant from the perspective of your customers (and potential customers). Below are some key tips and considerations that will significantly help you create better, more effective display ads - getting you the results you need.

A young woman smiling at her laptop. Better ads directly translates into better brand recognition and more sales for your business.

1. Layout

The first, and possibly most important consideration, is the size and layout of your display ad. Some sizes are better than others, so make sure you’re not using less-effective sizes for your ads. You’ll also want to make sure you ad has these essential items: Your logo, a bold statement, a call to action, and a bold visual. These make up the ‘skeleton’ of your display ad, and if the structure is weak or missing something - your ad will most likely underperform.

Examples of display ad layouts. Think before you design. Your layout plays a huge role in the success of your display ad - so make sure you’re carefully structuring your messaging.

2. Branding

A great display ad will also position your business or brand positively for those who click and don’t click on your display ad. Your display ads should always support the notion that your brand is of a high quality, which will influence customer perception towards your products, services, and messages. The easiest way to accomplish this, is to take your time with making your display ads. Make sure your colours, imagery, and messaging all align with how you want your brand to be recognized and seen.

Examples of display ad designs. Adjusting your design to match your brand takes skill. Whatever you design, it should align with your marketing and branding goals for your business.

3. Written Messaging

The best display ads typically have simple, yet bold messaging that aligns with a specific customer group. Remember, your display ads shouldn’t be targeting everyone, but a specific group - which will improve the likelihood of it being clicked on and noticed. Your written messaging should also be the focal point of your display ad, as this is most likely what will catch the eyes of your customers. Always ensure your written messaging stands out within the design of your display ad, and can be easily read.

Examples of display ad layouts. Good messaging goes a long way. Clear, clever, and consistent messaging is key to any successful display ad.

4. Visual Messaging

Nearly every effective display ad uses some form of visual messaging. This usually involves finding the perfect photo to accompany a bold statement, and then adjusting the photo so it fits well with the typography. You should also consider using popular icons like check marks or dollar symbols that are universally recognized. Iconography is a simple, yet effective way to visually communicate positive messages that will entice your customers to click on your display ad.

Examples of display ad layouts. Visuals play a huge role in how your display ad gets received by your customers. Carefully consider what visual messages you’re communicating before publishing any ads.

5. Creativity

One of the most difficult to master areas of display ads - is creative messaging. You always want to find the perfect balance between ‘clever’ and ‘expected’, looking for messaging that blends those characteristics together. Consider jokes, experiences, and word-play that represents feelings your customers have, designing the messaging around those emotional aspects. Continue talking to your customers, and listen to their experiences with your business and the industry - use that understanding to direct your display ad messaging.

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