Finding the perfect residence for you

  • Website Redesign
  • Custom Front End Development
  • CRM Tools Setup & Implementation
  • Property Searching Tools
  • Custom HTML Templates
  • Responsive Testing & Adaptation

Showcasing a truly excellent brand

We helped the Sunrex team dramatically improve their online presence, through a comprehensive redesign of their website. We also focused on ensuring the new site worked better than before for lead generation & customer management.

A massive site, made more simple

One of the biggest hurdles the Sunrex team encountered was ensuring their website was easy for visitors to navigate through. During the planning & design phases, we ensured the new site structure would be significantly easier to manage, update, and use.

Putting the user first

This redesign was focused on the end user, which directed much of the design work towards clear, simple visual structures. Most importantly, it meant highlighting the key property information so it could be easily found, searched, and read by site visitors.

Massively improving SEO

Every square pixel of the new Sunrex site was considered and formatted properly. The extra development time to go through the optimization has significantly helped Sunrex rank higher and higher across Search Engines.

Big, bold, and friendly

Our team made an otherwise stressful experience into a friendly, welcoming journey for Sunrex’s site traffic. Whether it's the friendly imagery, clear headings, or accessible design elements - the site was scientifically designed to make you more relaxed.

Developing a sunnier future

One of the core strengths in the new Sunrex site is that it was designed for their team; every area is easily accessible & modifiable. These structural choices we implemented, have made it significantly easier for them to continue providing excellent online customer service.