The Foam King

Revitalizing a decades old brand

  • Brand Repositioning
  • Logo Development
  • eCommerce development, B2C & B2B
  • Sales funneling
  • CRM Implementation
  • Digital Marketing, SEO & SEM
  • Leads development

Comprehensive rebranding & site development

We worked closely with The Foam King to position them alongside billion dollar companies in an intensely competitive market. From rebranding to an entirely new eCommerce website, we helped elevate the Foam King to new, comfy heights.

Made fresh, made in Canada

A key difference that we sought after with the new eCommerce website, was showing customers the quality that goes into every ounce of Foam King foam. Our customer journey goal involved an informative process, where customers could learn more and appreciate the unique differences between each type of foam.

Easy to order, easier to enjoy

The Foam King products sell themselves in store, but required us to plan out how we could communicate that experience to digital visitors. Through relaxing customer journeys, and a comprehensive suite of information across the site, customers are able to easily find the answers to all of their foam-related questions.

Find what you want, fast

A crucial area that we invested much of time in, was the funneling of different customer groups into the appropriate areas of the website. This was primarily for those who just needed foam, those who needed a healthcare solution, and of course - those who were looking for a new foam mattress.

Fresh, fun, and friendly

While understanding the strengths of the existing Foam King brand, we learned that the owners and staff are all friendly, mattress-folk. Our rebranding is a reflection of the friendly and relaxing experiences that nearly every Foam King customer remembers and enjoys.

New products, the same amazing foam

We planned out the management and growth of the site to be easily scalable for the Foam King team, making it easy to add and adjust products when needed. The current Foam King website is both a reflection of the exceptional customer care, and of the impressive quality & care put into each product.