Getting Started With Video Marketing

Getting Started With Video Marketing

Get more engagement out of your marketing

It’s never been easier

Video marketing is becoming a staple for many digital marketers and business owners. It allows for brands to cleverly and creatively message their target customers, through a medium that is widely enjoyed across most online platforms - especially social media.

If you’re interested in video marketing, our team at Mediashaker has made it easier than ever before to get started. The following steps will show you how simple it is to get professionally made videos made for your business to use in its marketing.

A close up view of a camera lens. Video marketing is becoming an essential in the world of digital marketing.

1. Think about what your marketing goals are

It’s significantly easier to determine what types of videos you need for your business, when you’ve considered what your marketing goals are. Are you focused on getting into a new market? Trying to improve the image of your brand? Want to reward loyal customers?

These types of questions get you warmed up to creatively thinking about your goals. When you sit down to chat with us, we’ll be using this to help guide your marketing efforts towards the best possible strategy.

Someone planning with sticky notes. Planning is a key requirement needed for any successful marketing strategy.

2. Sit down with us (remotely or in person)

We’ll want to discuss your planning with you in depth, making sure we fully understand how you’ve structured and approached the goals of your marketing - and your business. Using this knowledge, we use a collaborative approach to help you determine the best video types for your current marketing efforts.

Knowing what you need, our team then helps you develop a plan to get the most valuable videos possible for your business at this time. This involves helping you organize the scripts, filming, editing, and promoting - everything from start to published.

A woman making a remote video call. Our discussions with you help us determine the best possible course of action for your digital marketing goals.

3. Staying active with your video marketing

Every digital marketing effort your business needs should be consistent and continuous, until you’ve determined a better direction to take for your business. Our team will help you create a long-term plan for your videos, so you can consistently and continuously publish new videos that directly benefit your business.

If you’re interested in leveraging videos to boost your digital marketing, this is the perfect time to call. One of the busiest times for online activity is right around the corner. Book your consultation with our digital marketing team today.