Creating the Best First Digital Impression

Creating the Best First (Digital) Impression

What to do when your audience is new

More and more of us are relying on online tools like apps and websites to connect to each other. These behavioural changes have created an excellent opportunity for your business to reach larger audiences than ever before.

However, to properly grow your digital presence, you need to make sure that your business is creating great first impressions on those who are new to your branding. These impressions have lasting impacts on how your prospective customers decide where to spend their time, energy, and money online.

This article will go over some areas that affect your digital impressions, with tips & advice on how to improve your existing messaging.

Two people searching online with their phones. One of the most important places you create impressions - is your website in search results.

Creating the funnels

An impression begins at the start of a sales funnel. When it comes to digital sales funnels, these are scenarios that you have created for new audience members to encounter. An example are emails, websites, and social media.

When you think of the above as scenarios, it’s easier to plan them as part of a new customer journey. This mapping will help you discover the questions & considerations going through a new audience member’s mind, while they are engaging with your business and brand.


Despite newer online messaging tools like live-chat and AI chat bots, a significant amount of people still rely on email communication when engaging with businesses they find online. This is typically through either subscribing to a newsletter & promotional emails, and or using the traditional ‘contact us’ form on a website.

To create funnels with email, plan several customer journeys that start with a new or prospective customer. Try and plan a series of sequenced emails that you can send to welcome these people, letting them know that you are actively trying to engage with them. This effort will help create the positive impression that your brand is easy to reach & interact with as a customer.


Your site is where you want to direct new, prospective customers & clients to. It should be set up to showcase everything your business can offer, through a simple user flow to your actionable pages (where visitors can engage with your business).

Creating funnels on your website involves planning out user journeys from the pages you’re directing traffic to, and ensuring there’s some form of interactive element for users. This interaction is commonly done through forms and products, which is what most modern web users are looking for.

Social media

These platforms are where a significant amount of online activity occurs, and where prospective buyers go to learn more about new brands. With properly set up funnels for new audience members, you can quickly direct these potential-buyers to specific pages on your site through your social media posts & ads.

Consider what questions a prospective customer will have, and create a page on your site that answers all of those questions quickly & clearly. You can consider these types of pages as ‘conversion pages’, which will either convince or fail to convince a prospective buyer to spend their money with your company.

A woman talking to someone online. How accessible are your sales funnels? Can your customers easily engage with your business?

Managing your funnels

Having created your funnels, you’ll want to make sure you are staying active, and monitoring their value for your business. When properly managed, you can ensure that the time, money, and energy spent on your digital presence is being invested well.

Regardless of what funnel you’re managing, you’ll want to ensure you have a set of metrics that tell you how well your digital sales funnels are performing. You’ll also want to make sure the analytical tools you’re using allow you to monitor customer-growth especially, as this will help you understand how good your initial digital impressions are.

Based on the success of your funnels, you’ll want to make slight tweaks each month to see if there’s positive or negative changes to your growth, being mindful of seasonal factors. The effort and mindset of making these tweaks, is often incredibly valuable to ensuring you’re being proactive with your digital first impressions.

A happy business owner. Get proactive! Keep searching for new ways to improve your digital sales funnels.

Spotting funnel opportunities

The last, and one of the most important considerations with your digital first impressions, is knowing how to find great funnel opportunities from your loyal customers. If you’re actively engaging with your customers, whether it’s reviewing their comments or checking their digital behaviour, you’ll most likely find a new way to grow your audience online.

Try and look for reasons that support your customers’ loyalty, and try and reflect that in your outgoing messaging for prospective buyers to see. More often than not, businesses lose potential customers because their unique benefits aren’t properly communicated to potential customers.

This activity of routinely reviewing your customer journeys, is paramount to creating the perfect digital impression. It requires you to think proactively about your messaging, process, and customers - giving you the chance to develop better journeys for new buyers. Take some time to reflect on your business - are you creating the best digital impression possible?

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