Best Buds Flower Co.

An ongoing partnership

Best Buds Flower Co.

Best Buds is a locally owned floral company in Edmonton, Alberta. They came to us with a desire to grow their business online while creating an entirely new look and feel for the company. Together, we created a brand that would help Best Buds to become one of the top florists in Edmonton.

Capturing Best Buds

Custom website & brand development

Best Bud’s flowers are rich, colourful and beautiful. We had to create a website and brand that reflected this, while creating a brand that would be timeless and grow as the company did. Bold colours and simple graphics, along with professional photography, combine to create a website that is truly authentic in the floral business.

Website Features

  • B2C eCommerce development
  • Product organization
  • Mass Product Migration
  • Custom Web Design
  • CRM management
  • Scalable eCommerce layouts

Extending the brand

Marketing materials and more

In addition to the website and logo, we created a number of assets to be used for Best Bud’s digital marketing and print marketing efforts. This included everything from flower care cards, business cards, stickers, a tire car cover, sandwich boards, email signatures, and a floral presentation to show brides. We also helped them create a hiring video that showcased the working atmosphere at Best Buds.

Best Buds Flower Co.

Growing an online business

Smooth online ordering experience

Our goal was to create a smooth and simple online ordering experience for Best Buds’ customers. We wanted to ensure that their products were easily accessible on the homepage and that configuring the flowers (delivery time, bouquet size) was straightforward. We also made sure that it was easy for Best Buds to update the homepage on a regular basis based on seasons and holidays.

Creating invoices in-store

Customer relationship management (CRM)

One thing that makes Best Buds a unique client is that they use the back end of their website as their POS in-store. Using our software, ShoutCMS, they are able to create invoices when customers purchase flowers. For this reason, we call Kim, the owner of Best Buds, the “ShoutCMS Queen”!

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